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5 mile full scale Hyperloop will start construction in 2015

If IPO can raise $100 million then 5 mile full scale Hyperloop will start construction in 2015, reports Next Big Future. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), has announced that construction for a passenger-ready Hyperloop will begin next year. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, also known as HTT, is a research company formed using a crowd collaboration approach (a mix of team collaboration and crowdsourcing) to develop a transportation system based on the Hyperloop concept, which was envisioned by Elon Musk in 2013 A five-mile stretch of the Hyperloop system will be built in a new "sustainable 21st Century town" midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco called Quay Valley, which is also set to be built in 2016. Wired has reported that HTT is looking at an open auction...2015-03-02

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Would it be realistic to renationalise the railways?

This weekend East Coast main line train services passed from public to private hands. But is it realistic to talk about the rail network ever being renationalised? A rare experiment in public ownership has come to an end. Supporters say that...2015-03-04

Russian Railways – propelling LNG into the rail mainstream?

Liquefied natural gas is gaining traction as an alternative rail propulsion system, and Russian Railways has conducted a series of tests into how its railroads may reap the benefits of this new technology. With Russia home to massive natural gas...2015-02-25

Chinese Takeaway: Railway Lessons

As the NDA presents the rail budget this week, it is worth reflecting on the growing gap between the Indian railway system and that of its Asian peer, China. Thanks to the British Raj, India had a head start over China in the 19th century. The...2015-02-25

Obama’s Oil-by-Rail Boom

It’s better to be lucky than good. President Obama, who arrived promising to heal the planet and halt the rising seas, instead presided over a fossil-fuel renaissance in America. If you were unemployed and found a decent job in Obama’s...2015-02-25

Putin Tirade Ended Suburban Train Debate — Russian Railways Chief

Angry criticism and an order by Russian President Vladimir Putin to restore canceled suburban trains has ended a debate over the loss-making service, the head of state-owned Russian Railways wrote on his blog...2015-02-10

Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan Railway Advances Further

The eventual litmus test as to how successful 13 years of Western intervention in Afghanistan has been will be whether Afghanistan’s geostrategic position as a hub of Central Asia will support crisscrossing the country with a skein of...2015-02-04

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To a Mouse...

The best-laid schemes of mice and men Gang aft agley, And leave us nought but grief and pain, For promised joy! “To a Mouse” by Robert Burns, born 25 January, 1759 On January 21st, the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with his Serbian counterpart, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. They celebrated their ambitious plan to upgrade the rail line from Serbia via Macedonia and down to the...2015-02-12

Seaports call for appropriate recognition in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan

The Port of Hamburg is the German economy’s Gateway to the World. Along with the other German seaports, it plays an essential role for seaborne foreign trade as an interface between land and sea transport. Its excellent accessibility by water and overland is crucial for the operation of worldwide transport chains. Consequently the Port of Hamburg, Germany’s largest overseas port, has emerged as a high-performance logistics hub for...2015-02-11