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China Wants To Build A 3000-Mile Railway Through The Amazon

Not content with building massive new dams, railroads, and cities inside its own borders, China is backing hugely ambitious infrastructure projects all over the world. Its latest is a 3,000-mile long railway that will cut through vast swathes of the Amazon rainforest. The Guardian reports that Chinese premier Li Keqiang will advocate for the railway during his South America trip this week. The line will start in Açu Port in Brazil, curve up to around Bolivia, and end on the west coast of Peru. Along the way, it will cut through swamps, dense forest, and then either desert or mountains before it reaches the coast. This will make it tremendously difficult to build. China’s grand plan evokes the Trans-Amazonian Highway, a 2,500-mile road built by Brazil in the 1970s....2015-05-20

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China's most important lesson for its neighbours

Two new Chinese policies: the establishment of an Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the “One Belt, One Road” strategy have attracted a lot of attention lately. More than 50 countries, including Australia, one of the most...2015-04-27

Consortium submits bid for Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway

A Chinese-Russian consortium that includes the "world's largest railways designer" is hoping to win the competition to design Russia's first high-speed rail line, according to the Shanghai-based Guancha Syndicate. Citing Russian media sources,...2015-04-27

Pakistan-China railway to extend Beijing

China should give its full effort to develop the China-Pakistan railway to extend China's economic and political influence in the region and even to Africa, China's state-owned Reference News cites an expert as saying. China pledged US$4 billion to...2015-04-27

China leads in many high-speed rail aspects

Media reports suggest Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will try to promote Shinkansen bullet train technology during his visit to the United States (which started on April 26) to cash in on the US' plans to prop up its economy with high-speed...2015-04-27

Introducing competition in Indian Railways

In a major initiative, the Bibek Debroy committee has proposed to invite private players to compete with the Indian Railways by running sleek, brand-new coaches replete with high-tech gadgetry zipping through the countryside at 200 kmph or above,...2015-04-20

What's wrong with Britain's railways?

To watch ministers promise a Northern transport "revolution" you could be forgiven for thinking that the Government has a record of untrammelled success when it comes to transport up north. The truth is very different: evening fares have been hiked...2015-04-08

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The Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble...

The Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble. They’re only made of clay. But Algeciras is here to stay. (With apologies to George and Ira Gershwin). After centuries of nestling in the shadow of the Rock of Gibraltar, the Port of Algeciras is fast emerging as a bright light in the development of intermodal logistics in Europe. In February of last year, the port authorities announced investments of Euro 19 million to accommodate the latest...2015-04-01

To a Mouse...

The best-laid schemes of mice and men Gang aft agley, And leave us nought but grief and pain, For promised joy! “To a Mouse” by Robert Burns, born 25 January, 1759 On January 21st, the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with his Serbian counterpart, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. They celebrated their ambitious plan to upgrade the rail line from Serbia via Macedonia and down to the...2015-02-12